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Ground Supersite

A key component of the ACROSS measurement strategy is a highly instrumented ground-based site. Based on analyses of historical data in the Paris region, we have determined that a location southwest of Paris has the highest probability of being impacted by the urban plume under conditions of high photochemical activity.

In communications and collaboration with the ONF (Office National des Forêts), an existing tower within the Rambouillet Forest was located and is being evaluated for its suitability in our campaign. The tower will require some work to make it ready to conduct measurement campaigns.

Key activities over the next year include

  • tower engineering assessment
  • installation of sufficient power for campaign
  • installation and testing of high-bandwidth internet
  • cleaning of tower base area and preparation for container installation
  • configuration of tower top to maximize instrument number with ease of access
  • installation of stairs for bottom level (earlier removed for safety)
  • evaluation of access road for deliveries
  • location of vehicle parking assessment

We are also investigating nearby suitable housing for investigators during campaigns using this facility.