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ACROSS is a project supported by the Make Our Planet Great Again initiative that enables focused research on the interactions of urban and biogenically-influenced air masses. A highlight of this project is a comprehensive, multi-platform field measurement campaign.

  • When:
  • 13 June – 25 July 2022 (ground intensive)
  • 13 June – 7 July 2022 (aircraft intensive)
  • Where: Rambouillet Forest (supersite), ATR-42 (aircraft), Paris (urban site), SIRTA
  • Who: Researchers from LISA and partners throughout France, Europe, and the world
  • What: Make state-of-the-art measurements of gases and aerosol properties
  • Why: To learn more about the effect of urban air on biogenic organic compound chemistry and vice versa

Ground-based image (L), photo from the top (C), and a Google Earth image (R) of the tower in the Rambouillet Forest

  • Left and center photos C. Cantrell (2021, 2020).
  • Right image Google Earth Pro, V (5 March 2019). Near La Boissiere-Ecole, France. 48.7 N, 1.7 E, Eye altitude 422 m.